Sapor ShipBuilding

About Us

Our core business is ship building and ship repairing, both locally and internationally.

Our core business is ship building and ship repairing, both locally and internationally.

Infrastructure and operational capacity

SSI is a subsidiary of Sapor Shipyard Sdn Bhd (SSY)established in 1987, with its first site situated at Tg. Maling, Sibu, Sarawak . Malaysia and expanded its operation by setting up another site in Sg Maaw five years later.

During its 20 years of operation, SSY had managed to establish itself as a major ship repair and building company in Sarawak and today has a slipway that is 300 metres in length, able to cater to vessel of up to 2,500 deadweight tonnes. It has also manufactured  over 30 units of tugboats , anchor handling tugs, oil tankers, landing craft, barges and supply vessels , all customized to our customer’s requirements. SSY latest expansion is the setting up of SSI.

Today, SSI has all of the facilities, including its site office, workshop, slipway, worker quarters, canteen and various infrastructure  in order to carry out ship repairs, ship conversion and new shipbuilding activities for a variety of vessels. In terms of shipbuilding, the company’s factory with its 16 hectares land can accommodate the construction of twenty units 30 metre tugboats simultaneously  . In terms of ship repair, the slipway can accommodate vessels weighing up to 4,500 tonnes, 400 feet long and 120 feet wide vessels.

SSI has in total  delivered over 100 units of  variety of vessels , namely 23-37 metres Tugboats ; 45 – 47 metres Landing Crafts ; 37-61 metres Anchor Handling Tugs; 61 metre offshore support vessel and barges up to 350 feet in length.

Key factors for success

SSI currently employs a core complement of between 100 and 120 permanent staff, comprised of skilled workers, engineers, experienced managers and qualified personnel. The company also engages experienced contractors, on an interim basis.Our experience working in/with  other related industries like  shipping, insurance , shipping agentcy and land logistics  enables and enhances Sapor’s more rounded and prompt services to its customers.

With respect to quality control, we employ training officers who work hand-in-hand with the classification societies that are responsible for implementing quality control and safety.

Current Projects and Future Outlook

Looking to the future, SSI will adopt a proactive approach to the market by building vessels on specifications in addition to  building to customized requirements as the market demand is deemed to continue to be high throughout the world.

SSI is commited to grow for excellence and to supply quality vessels on time to our customers at reasonable prices.